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About Our Classes

This section describes the Class Types we offer, the Audience designated for the classes, and the Timing of the offerings. Users can scroll down to determine what the timing should be for the type of class they would like to attend.

Phases – Classes are classified into two different types: IMPLEMENTATION and SCHEDULED.

Audience – Classes are targeted for three different levels of audience: ALL – End Users and Administrators | EUSER – End Users | ADMIN – Administrators

Class Types – Classes designated by class types to indicate whether/when a client should participate. Class Types abbreviated: Discovery (I-D) | Solution Design (I-SD) | Final (I-F) | Choice (C) | Scheduled (S)



Initial Familiarization instruction on Training Org.


Overview of Stock Nimble Accounting processes held early in Implementation process with Accounting & IT focused client personnel.

For designated users responsible for building core List Views, Reports, & Dashboards for Department/ Functions.

Technically able students that will manage client changes to org regarding fields, forms, and overall data management.

Technically able students that will manage client changes to org regarding automated processes, workflows, approval processes, process builder.

Technically able students that understand CSS and will be client’s designated creators of formal, client facing reports – Invoices, Sign In Sheets, Rosters, etc.

Technically able students that will create and maintain the client facing website on Community Hub.


Licensed users on Client Staging (transactional operations) and Production Orgs (non-transactional), to understand stock & configured system for use post Go-Live.



Client Specific Agenda on desired End User and/or Administrator level topics. Entire classes can be incorporated as well. Training conducted based on topic timing calculations over a set number of hours/days.


End User, Administrator, Accounting, Create, Community Hub Administrator, Reports & Dashboards, Accounting – at a set date/time in Tysons Corner, VA or Chicago, IL offices. ​(Post Covid-19). On Training Org.​