What Our Students Are Saying About Us

“Rachel was the best trainer. Infinite patience, sense of humor.”

“Luis was incredibly effective. He was patient, listened to our needs and was able to mold our training based on our needs. This is my only experience with Nimble training, so I’m not sure I’d recommend nimble training, but I would absolutely recommend Luis.”

“Instructor was very thorough, and was a great speaker.”

“Dave is a fantastic instructor. One of the best things he does, is explain the “structure” of nimble, but then point out where the AMGA “business processes” will need to be reviewed or adjusted. He understands, hey that’s how you might have done it, but this is perhaps a better way of managing that, and can help guide us towards further change. I’d highly recommend him to anyone going through nimble training.”

Rachel did a great job explaining each topic. She displayed lots of knowledge and patience.

“Dave is an excellent instructor. His training style was extremely easy to follow, and I appreciated his humor along the way.”

“Thank you Rachel!”

“Dave is a wonderful, engaging trainer. As the project manager on this implementation, I really appreciate how he listened to my concerns and was able to plan the training to accommodate exactly what we needed. He has great energy and excitement around Nimble AMS and despite having three long days of training he maintained energy and everyone’s attention each day. He was great at answering questions and offering solutions while also staying on schedule. I can’t say enough great things about Dave!”

“Rachel was great! I think adding a few practice exercises following the instructors key strokes and navigation could be helpful. People sometimes got lost just listening to instructions – although everyone got excellent 1:1 support to find their way.”

“Rachel did a great job explaining each topic. She displayed lots of knowledge and patience.

“Rachel is absolutely awesome. She has a lot of energy, personality, and really brought a lot of value to this training. Helped me understand a bunch of concepts surrounding Nimble that I never realized before. Funny and entertaining as well.”

“This training really helps me understand what Nimble AMS offers to the end users. Rachel also did a great job by sharing her past experiences and providing relevant examples.”

“Great class and great instructor – covered everything well and explained each part in detail.”

“I thought Rachel led another great class being very considerate of our time and experience level. I think she can be very literal/deliberate with her wording which can rub some people the wrong way, only reason I bumped it down a notch.”

“Really helpful training for our implementation”

“Dave did a great job explaining the concepts and procedures in an easy-to-follow manner for our staff users some of whom were not that familiar with the program.”

“I was pleased with the content. I thought it was very relevant to a first-time user. Luis was pleasant and easy to listen to and follow. I was never bored. I also appreciated his insights on areas to keep watch on during configuration and implementation.”

“I thought Dave was great. He was concise, well-spoken, knowledge, and had just enough sass to keep things light. I felt the pace was good but he was very willing to pause and re-explain when needed. He did a great job. Really looking forward to using the tool and configuring it to my teams needs.”

“Dave kept the energy high and was very patient with users of all levels. He was also very flexible with the schedule and allowed us to change things as the training progressed. Had a great experience!”

“Rachel took training above and beyond. She was passionate about Nimble and really wanting us to understand the processes and was patient with all of our questions.”

“Very helpful training Rachel did a great job helping us understand the system.”

“Dave did a great job – his approach to having people work hands on is great, insistent without being too pushy or overbearing. It was great that there was time for him to help people 1 on 1 as well with their specific items. Many attendees went in thinking they knew everything and came out with several learnings.”

“Rachel was really great. However, this class would be way more useful post-launch, when we have all of our data loaded and have been using Nimble for a little bit.”

“Training was extremely helpful despite our lack of a full production environment. Thanks!”

“Dave is a great instructor. Loved this class because it was hands on and will directly impact my work/performace.”

“Dave is an excellent training. The hands-on training is extremely helpful. He is patient and willing to take the time to show how and work through reports building.”

“Luis was excellent and well versed.”

“As always, our training with Luis as our instructor was informative as well as enjoyable. Luis always provides us with extra nuggets of useful info. Some in this class had more questions than usual and Luis made them feel comfortable with their numerous questions. I also appreciated him using our staging site b/c this allowed us to see reports based on the info in our system.”

“Dave gave us some helpful tips on questions to ask the implementation team during design and implementation.”

“This course was amazing. I learned so much. Rachel really took her time with us each individually and made time for questions. Her warm and inviting spirit made her easy to talk to. She broke things down in a way to make them easy to understand and using the course materials helped as well and will help moving forward.”

“Rachel was amazing! She helped us with our individual issues and took the time to answer all of our questions. We feel much more confident administering Nimble AMS after working with Rachel. We will definitely want to increase our training and will specifically request Rachel to work with us.”

“Luis did a great job! He was thorough and patient and made sure everyone understood before he moved on. It was a pleasure to have him – highly recommend!”

“Luis was great, very knowledgeable about Nimble. There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer. Thanks Luis!!”

“Luis is a great trainer – he has to be all things to all people, and that’s tough. Some of the team disagreed with him on things, but he kept his cool and moved the topic forward. As the admin, I appreciate what he was able to do for the team, even if they don’t quite see it yet.”

“Dave was great and I learned a bunch.”

“Rachel was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable. I could not have been happier with Rachel’s training. We will be requesting her back for a Dashboard/Reports service.”

“Dave was an awesome instructor, and very helpful in customizing the training to meet my end user goals. Our Company is comprised of many different users who roles vary from conference sales, to membership. Dave, ran a training that kept all users engaged.”

“Instructor very knowledgeable, kept my interest with a sense of humor.Instructor very knowledgeable, kept my interest with a sense of humor.”

“Dave is an excellent instructor. Thank you Dave!”

“Luis is a great trainer. He does a good job of mixing teaching with open questions, patience, and quizzing us to keep us on our toes. He is extremely knowledgeable in this work and provides a lot of great context for scenarios we may encounter.”

“Luis kept involvement in the class, especially with it being very technical. I feel comfortable with working in the system based on the manual, and the training from Luis.”

“I appreciate Luis’ use of illustration and analogies to help us understand the value of some of the tips he gave us. It’s always a pleasure being a part of Luis’ training class.”

“Rachel was fantastic! Knowledgeable and great at keeping it engaging and focused. Her energy was much appreciated and she also was very accommodating of our schedules.”

“Rachel was amazing!”

“Luis provided us with a couple of extra pieces of advice re: reviewing reports/modifying as needed to ensure our go-live flows smoothly. Thank you!”

“Dave was a great instructor!”

“Great job Luis! Thank you and hope to work with you more in the future.”

“Rachel was an excellent instructor. She was enthusiastic, descriptive, professional, and clearly experienced. Very helpful for our organization!”

“LOVED these classes … really good way to “see” the possibilities of how we can change our processes in order to take advantage of Nimble “ou-of-the-box” capabilities.”

“Dave was great. He set expectations really well with what he could answer and what we should take up with the implementation team. It’s never easy to come in and try to understand all the details of how a particular company operates, but he thought quickly on his feet and came up with great suggestions and demonstrated them clearly. I’m really excited to get this implementation running.”

“Rachel did a spectacular job. She broke down complex skills to make them easier to understand. I really like that she spent a little extra time walking me through some specific questions and made sure I really understood it.”

“Luis did an excellent job in the class, using the materials and on-screen demonstration. We also spent time talking about some of our specific business needs and he did a great job of offering options and feedback.”

“Luis did a wonderful job managing differing personalities in the room. He kept the class focused. He did a great job explaining complicated functionality in an easy-to-understand way.”

“Luis does a fantastic job!”

“The small training was excellent! Luis answered so many of my questions and I came away from the training feeling very capable of managing admin aspects of my Association’s Nimble implementation.”

“Appreciated the enthusiasm and the blow pops! Good place and was glad to end a little early.”

“Dave was terrific. He was patient and funny while most importantly being extremely knowledgeable about the system.”

“Dave was fantastic! He put everyone at ease, was funny, and made the training very engaging for all.”

“Dave did a great job teaching us how to use our system with examples that were relevant to our work. He explained facets effectively and was patient in letting us take time to work in the system. After this training, I feel more confident in working in the system.”

“Dave was excellent. He was incredibly patient with our team and guided them well.”

“Instructor was fun and pleasant!”

“Rachel is an amazing instructor with an excellent personality. She taught us the lightning platform and was very patient with us as it was our first time using lightning. Loved her!

“The second class with Rachel was even more fun. I got to play with the different features, create users, accounts etc.Basically get first had understanding for myself, and Rachel was there to guide me through all of it. She really helped to boost my confidence, and now I feel like I can totally handle things on my own. She also gave me a lot of useful resources and materials that I can use to learn on my own.”

“Rachel was very nice and very patient. She answered all my questions, was very clear in explaining the whole process, and kept the training very interesting.”

“Rachel did a great job. I appreciated her energy, patience and ability to tie other experiences into our organization’s journey.”

“Rachel did a great job, kept topics moving, kept us interested, and gave us the foundation to apply what we learned to our individual work needs. Really like her and she was an effective trainer. Thank you!”

“Rachel was extremely knowledgeable, fun and interesting to learn from!”

“Rachel is phenomenal. She’s clearly a knowledgeable expert who can explain HOW and WHY things work this way, while keeping it clear that she doesn’t know our data but can explain the system. The focus on concept, reasoning, and process was excellent, exactly what our staff needed to engage their own critical thinking. She’s funny and energetic, kept audience interest, and adjusted easily to learning curve, speeding through the basics (thank you!) and then taking extra time in the places where we actually needed help. This was incredibly valuable, especially compared to the useless training we had in January. Anyone can read the manual, she brought the material to life and made learning relevant.”

“Rachel kept the interest of staff attendees in training and was very helpful and willing to answer questions and identifying challenges we may be facing with this transition.”

“The training session went really well! I thought it was extremely informative and Nadine was very helpful. I feel more confident in going into the next phase of overall all staff training this coming week. “

“Great job!”

“Luis was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and engaging. Did an excellent job. The only negative was at the end of day two, we were pretty wrung out. While he was wrapping up, he just kept talking and talking and telling stories and talking. lol. Two days of solid training is a lot and we just wanted to get out of there! He talked for 20+ minutes after the training was done. Don’t get me wrong, we loved him and want him to come back a lot to help us through implementation! He just needs to learn how to close. :)”

“Luis was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He knows Nimble very well and is a great teacher! Thanks Luis!”

“I think training is important for any new software or tool, so I would of course recommend that those using Nimble for the first time do the training. Although some portions of the training were not applicable to me directly, I do like having the background knowledge to better understand how our new system will work and I found value in yesterday’s session. Many thanks to Rachel for helping us make this transition!”

“Rachel was fantastic. The only thing is that we already had our admin training and our staff have been spending a lot of time in our actual environment so the timing of the familiarization training wasn’t ideal. I appreciated that Rachel was flexible and catered to our needs since we were not the typical group given that we are getting close to our launch date.”

“How I wish our team had had access to the training manual months ago when we initially began our journey with Nimble! The manual and the familiarization training were so incredibly helpful to me to be able to see the bigger picture of the system. Up to this point, it has felt nebulous and vague. I thank Luis for his thorough explanations, training and ability to answer many questions our team had about the new system. For future clients, I would suggest providing the training manual immediately to them so they can begin to understand how the system works and use that as a reference while going through Discovery and filling out workbooks. The manual clarified many things for me that I can now go back to our project manager and implementation team and make sure is understood for our build-out. I felt that the two days was adequate time to cover all topics and modules in the training, however, there were times when the training felt long. I’m not sure how to improve upon that, because it is all so important to cover. Maybe adding in additional exercises or tasks for us to complete while they’re being explained by the trainer would help the trainee feel like they’re doing more, instead of sitting and following along. Overall, this was a great training that has really helped me feel rejuvenated on this long, time-consuming project. I am exciting to see our custom build-out and continue working on this. Thank you!”

“Friendly yet professional environment.”

“Good way to get familiar with the system. Hard to understand how we will fully use it as it didn’t have any of our data and I know we will need some custom information built for exhibits and sponsorships.”

“Luis was great managing the variety of personalities present at the training. He was conscious of when the group was losing their wind and would take the break at that time, even if it may have not been at the scheduled 10:30/2:30 time on the dot.”

“Luis did a great job of facilitating the training and being patient with all levels of staff with varying experience levels. His personal stories and humor helped make training interesting, fun, and engaging.”

“Loved our instructor, very thorough and patient!”

“Rachel is an amazing teacher, and I have enjoyed her class. I think this training would be perfect for clients. It would be great if we can include a more in-depth training for partners with real business cases to solve as opposed to showing feature capabilities only.”

“Instructor has a great radio/podcast voice!”

“Rachel did great for her very first training session. There were a couple of minor bumps where something specific to Nimble AMS was not familiar to her, but overall she did a great job.”

“Luis is very knowledgeable and is very clear in his instructions.”

“Luis went above and beyond. He was entertaining, which was great. He also was slightly long-winded at times, which I would appreciate in most environments but found myself moving the class along. When issues were addressed outside Luis’ knowledge base, he was excellent at researching, finding answers and following-up/conveying them.”

“Dave was great!”

“Dave did a great job and overcame IT hiccups with ease. Can’t thank him enough.”

“Luis was kind and patient and knowledgable, a great personality for training. Given that our staff is already familiar with cloud customer database constructs from our current system AND that all our staff completed the recommended Salesforce Trailhead courses back in August, this material could have been covered in 4 hours. Actually, in retrospect Trailhead seems like a waste of time knowing that this training was also going to happen. It would have been even more impactful if we’d had training after our build is complete so that we could see the way things will actually work. Many questions that came up were caveats, like company membership flowdown which isn’t applicable to us. The training orgs were slow and inconsistently configured as several staff had to switch to Safari after finding things just did not work in Chrome or Firefox. As staff had no such issues with Trailhead, this seems to be a nimble issue.”

“A very effective training with an experienced, friendly instructor.”

“Luis was great. Can’t wait to see what Nimble can do. Thanks for taking the time to do a virtual session with me!”

“Luis did a great job keeping our staff on task. There are parts of Nimble that are more pertinent to other SCUP staff than myself but my intention was to pay attention and learn who will be using the reports.”

“I enjoyed our training sessions with Luis. He is a very personable and knowledgeable teacher!”

“The training was good and effective, Thanks to Dave getting it together in much organized fashion.”

“Dave is great at providing training!”

“Good training the end users and understanding how clients leverage the system. Look forward to getting into a more advanced training!”

“Dave is an outstanding instructor.”