About Our Training

Nimble AMS provides training during the entire client lifecycle. We will train you both Pre Go-Live: during your software Implementation (build of) Nimble AMS, and after – with Live: Continuing Education, Re-Training, and New Hire classes.  We want to be your source of trusted learning about Nimble AMS for all you need, whenever you need it.

We offer training in two major formats:

Implementation – Training conducted during a client’s implementation cycle.

Scheduled – At a set time conducted virtually. Participation in Scheduled training can be arranged in two ways: Checking the Schedule page on this site for pre-arranged training. Reaching out to us via the Contact Us page and requesting to schedule a class.

On this page, clients can determine the what, whom, when, and how of our training by examining the following:

Training & Summary – Clients can see What the training is about – What is the training called, what does it involve (Training Summary), and what are the details of the training by downloading the Training Description.  Note: training descriptions include important decision-making information such as training times, pre-requisites, and a detailed training agenda of topics/sub-topics.
Level – Clients can see Who should take the training – and what is the minimum requirement level for the training: End User or Administrator. Training prerequisites still apply.
Timing – Clients can see When they should take a training – Should they take it during their Pre Go-Live phase, or after, when they are Live with the platform as Continuing Education, Re-Training, and/or New Hire Training.
Location – All training conducted virtually. Options for on-site training are not available at this time.

Clients can also take a look at a sample of the Nimble AMS End User manual via a link at the bottom of the page





The Nimble AMS Accounting training is an introduction stock accounting features and business processes such as how orders and payments are processed, ledger entries totaled and batched, and data exported to external accounting software. Clients will gain hands-on experience by using Nimble and engaging in a variety of practice exercises 

By the end of the training, clients will understand the important factors to consider when determining how to set-up their organization’s accounting system and have a solid foundation for viewing, managing, and interpreting accounting data. 

End User

Pre Go-Live or Live

The Nimble AMS Administrator class instructs clients on how to configure their Nimble AMS system at the Administrator level. Users will learn how to utilize the strength of the Salesforce platform upon which Nimble is built and leverage those functions with unique Nimble Administrator capabilities. Concepts such as editing and administrating profiles and security, adding and changing fields, configuring page layouts, managing list views, reports, and dashboards, and setting up complex objects are explored. Each topic builds upon the previous concepts to present a model of how to maintain & build Nimble AMS.


Pre Go-Live or Live

The Nimble AMS Community Hub training instructs Administrator licensed attendees on how to edit and configure the member facing portal (Community Hub) and the Lightning Store. Users responsible for client web portal management will learn how to edit or build pages, cards, buttons, develop data sources and queries, set up automated processes, and manage users. Users will spend time configuring and implementing the advanced Lightning Store, learning how to integrate it into their existing Community Hub.


Pre Go-Live or Live

The Nimble AMS Create training provides a detailed look at the creation and maintenance of Nimble Create based formal Reports. Users will learn best practices in generating Create reports through hands on construction of examples in the Nimble Training environment. This training covers advanced, technical aspects of Nimble AMS and is designed for individuals designated as Administrator-level users of the system and for IT personnel.


Pre Go-Live or Live

The Nimble AMS End User training is an overview of Nimble AMS basic features and its purpose is to instruct users with the core functions and best practices of Nimble AMS. It offers a solid background for users to become acquainted with the system as it introduces the basic Nimble AMS framework, defines Nimble AMS specific terminology, and instructs users on how to navigate, view, and enter data by partaking in sample, hands-on exercises.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This training is for EXISTING Nimble client personnel who require an introduction to Nimble because they are newly hired, need refresher training, are new Nimble partners, or new Nimble personnel.

This training is NOT designed for newly signed, Implementation clients.  Those users will be attending FAMILIARIZATION.

End User


The Nimble AMS Familiarization training functions as a new, pre-Go Live client’s introduction to Nimble AMS stock features. Department representatives, leaders, executives, and IT personnel are invited to participate in this training which occurs as soon in the Nimble AMS implementation cycle (post Sale) as possible. The purpose of training is for the attendees become “familiar” with the major features and functions of stock Nimble AMS. Clients are then able to more effectively reference features and converse with Nimble AMS service personnel. Clients will also be able to contribute more efficiently regarding Nimble AMS services build of the client configured system and it’s migration through the Staging and Production orgs.

Clients receive continued access to the Nimble AMS Training Org on which the training occurs for approx. 29 days from the day of Training. A Nimble AMS End User manual (in PDF) is delivered to each attendee prior to training and reflects the content of the Nimble AMS training org. The manual also replicates with step-by-step instructions the trainers daily lessons as well as chronicles best practices of Nimble AMS. It can be used to replicate exercises and attempt additional ones while exploring the Training org, the Staging org, and the eventual Production org. It is also a valuable reference guide for usage post Go-Live.

End User

Pre Go-Live

Day One: Reports and Dashboards Training – Trainer uses TRAINING org to conduct Reports & Dashboards training. Content covers a detailed and interactive overview of the creation, building, and maintenance of Reports with additional, shorter overviews of the building/use of List Views and Dashboards. Training is designed to prepare Implementation clients (pre Go-Live) for their Go-Live and existing clients to improve their use of Reports and Dashboards.

Day Two: Reports & Dashboards Building – Consultant conducts session in client’s PRODUCTION org interacting with client representatives to build Reports and Dashboards for newly implemented or existing clients. Consultant will build desired reports and dashboards while interfacing live with clients.

End User

Pre Go-Live or Live

Sample End User Manual

Attendance at a Nimble AMS training includes PDF manual of that topics extensive, step-by-step training.