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Why We Do It

The Nimble AMS Services Training Mission

To instruct Nimble AMS classes and provide services using the most effective methods, encompassing all the relevant topics, to ensure that each attendee can efficiently conduct their day to day job.

What We Do

Services Training provides a wide variety of instructor led training options. Clients have the option of requesting either virtual or on-site training for all Nimble AMS classes. Clients can participate in over 10 different classes for two differing levels of users:  End User and Administrator. Each class is fully supported by an experienced CRM-AMS trainer.  Every class includes the most updated Nimble AMS manual kept to the current release.

When We Do It

Services Training is dedicated to providing training during the entire client lifecycle.  We will train you both Pre Go-Live: during your software Implementation (build of) Nimble AMS, and after – with Live: Continuing Education, Re-Training, and New Hire classes.  To see more detail about what classes you can take, who should take them, how they can take them, and when they should take them, go to our Classes page.

What Our Students Are Saying About Us

“Rachel was fantastic! Knowledgeable and great at keeping it engaging and focused. Her energy was much appreciated and she also was very accommodating of our schedules.”

“Luis is awesome–I hope we are matched with him throughout our implementation process.”

Dave is an excellent instructor. His training style was extremely easy to follow, and I appreciated his humor along the way.

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